It’s all Just a Game, You Know

The whole ALTER EGO thing is just a game that allows you to be someone else for a while. The name of the game is entertainment and laughter. The great thing about becoming another person is that you can make it happen anywhere, anytime. We all love to watch movies and the actors who portray alter ego’s. It’s in our blood. No matter how old we are or what profession we’re in, we love made-up stories and make-believe. That’s why books are still so popular because it allows us to make up images in our minds. Finding your own ALTER EGO gets you out of the daily slog of being you. However, the new you you have created is still very much part of who you are except there are less barriers which allows more things to be acceptable and excusable because you’re only playing a part.

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Alter Ego International Organic Union was never really formally established as a body. It so just happens that it has always been around. If you’ve ever changed your identity for even the millionth of a second, then you can proudly say that you too are a member of AEIOU. Trying to name or brand such a vast and powerful organization whose members are not only numerous but also quite oblivious to their affiliation, is like renaming Prince after he became an unutterable symbol but then decided that there is merit in having a name. Prince he was and Prince he is, just so AEOIU.

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